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Wall-Mounted Infrared Non-Contact Digital Temperature Thermometers For Adult

Wall-Mounted Infrared Non-Contact Digital Temperature Thermometers For Adult

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Wall-Mounted Infrared Non-Contact Digital Temperature Thermometers For Adult

  • Measuring range: 32- 42.9 (? )
  • Accuracy: +- 0.3C (f.s)
  • Dimensions: 170 x 110 x 33.5 (mm)
  • Applicable objects: human body thermometer
  • Measuring distance: 1-3 inch / 3-8 cm
  • Power supply: 5V USB power supply or 2 x AAA dry batteries (not include battery)

Intelligent body temperature tester What are the advantages of unmanned automatic temperature measurement?

1) Automatic temperature measurement No personnel, automatic detection, saving a lot of labor costs, allowing more people to participate in more important rescue operations, while effectively preventing the risk of close contact with infection

2) Quick temperature measurement In the parking lot entrances, restaurant entrances, company entrances, there are many people who need to be tested in these places, rapid temperature measurement becomes a necessary condition, which not only improves work efficiency, but also solves the hidden dangers caused by the accumulation of people in queues.

3) High-precision sensor The high-precision sensor ensures the accuracy of the measurement, and at the same time, the measurement distance is effectively controlled (within 1-3 inch), and no induction occurs beyond the range of the distance, avoiding the cheating behavior of long-distance testing. At the same time, the voice alarm beyond normal temperature reminds to re-test or do further inspection

4) Multiple installation methods According to different application scenarios and needs, different installation methods can be adopted: wall hanging, floor tripod, suction cup bracket, selfie stick, to meet the individual needs of the scene.

5) Two power supply methods USB power supply, 2 x AAA batteries (not include battery), two power supply methods to meet different needs, environmental protection power supply, use batteries in emergency.

6) Removable measurement In special cases, if you need to take off the mobile measurement, you can also take it off easily and put it on the fixing frame after the measurement. Data memory, 3-color backlight display, large screen display, flow monitoring and other functions are the advantages of the fourth-generation unmanned automatic thermometer, which can solve many details of the epidemic prevention work.

1) Unmanned automatic thermometer, temperature measurement in 1 second There are two core points here, one is intelligence, the other is fast temperature measurement time

2)Product positioning: the fourth generation of unmanned self-temperature measurement The emphasis here is on product development trends to meet current actual needs 3) Product characteristics, distance, fast and safe

A. Sensing distance: 1-3 inch

B. Automatic temperature measurement takes only 1 second

C. Non-contact, ensure safety

4) Explanation of the core selling point elements of the product

A. Voice broadcast

B. No personnel, automatic detection

C. Color large screen backlight display

D. Quick temperature measurement

E. Data memory F. Fever alarm

G. High-precision sensor

5) Product application scenarios

A. Community entrance

B. Convenience store

C. Restaurant

D. School E. Parking lot entrance

F. Company G. Supermarket

H. Playground I. Family, etc.

6) Installation method The product has a multi-interfa



1*Non-Contact Digital Temperature Thermometers

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