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Sports Jump Rope Skipping Elastic Sponge Handle Jump Rope Skipping

Sports Jump Rope Skipping Elastic Sponge Handle Jump Rope Skipping

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Sports Jump Rope professional sports bearing rope

Material: PVC. steel wire
Weight: no weight of about 165G
Half weight about 337G
Full weight about 430G
Color: Black / Grey / red coco
Rope length: 280cm
Rope diameter: diameter 4.6MM
Uses: fitness, weight loss, test training
With bold wire
1 with bold wire, not only durable, and has excellent flexibility, skipping rope weight is moderate, strong sense of rhythm,
Not light feeling, suitable for all kinds of rope skipping.
2 foam comfortable handle
Fashion design style, to speed up the rope skipping, grip comfort is not easy to fall.
3.360 rotary bearing
Can steel bearing 360 rotation, any rotation can cope. Do not cut the line quickly cut to a professional
The amount of.
Advantages of skipping rope
Skipping can make the chest and buttocks excess fat disappear and make the pectoralis major and hip muscles become strong and elastic. Jump rope to a variety of
Sports with health care function.
Promoting growth and development
The only longitudinal movement, the height of the development of young people have a good role in promoting. For intelligence and physical strength, strain energy
Coordinated development of force.
The benefits of skipping rope for men
Skipping as a fitness equipment, so that the body to improve endurance, adhere to rope skipping to eliminate the body fat, enhance the body's bounce
To make the reaction more sensitive.

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