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50W Fill Light Round Shape Plant Growth Lamp Plant Light Full Spectrum LED Light

50W Fill Light Round Shape Plant Growth Lamp Plant Light Full Spectrum LED Light

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50W Fill Light Round Shape Plant Growth Lamp Plant Light Full Spectrum LED Light 


Lamp Beads:Red,Blue,White ,UV,IR and Orange     

Lamp Beads Wavelength: Red, 650nn-660nm; Blue, 460nm-470nm;

White,6500k; UV, 395-400nm; IR,725-735nm and  Orange,620-630nm


Lamp Beads Quantity: Red,84  Blue,60  White,10  UV,4  IR,4  Orange,88                           

Power Supply:AC85-265V                               


Operating Frequency:50/60HZ                           

Service Time:about 50000hrs 

Dimensions:  330mm*330mm*30mm                    

Package Size: 370*340*40mm                

Weight: 1.05kg                                        

Irradiation Area: 2 Square meter                          

Hang Height: 0.5 m-2m


1, Made of ABS plastic,built-in gate type and three drive power supply;

2, Consist of 250pcs  2835 LED;

3, 60 degree condenser cup, suite surface with high temperature and spraying silver oil;

4, Shell back used 2.5mm paper plate, surface spraying black waterproof oil paint with high temperature resistant;

5, Small, Exquisite, Light, easy to transport, install. Safe, Environmental, not include pollution and harmful substances.

6, Can use 50000h, 2 year warranty.


Widely used in greenhouse, plant factory, greenhouse cultivation, flower breeding,indoor garden, soluble breeding, pipeline cultivation, farm, potted plants, spray the plant, tissue culture etc. This product is suitable for bananas, flowers, dendrobium officinale, tobacco, seaweed, green peppers, eggplant, bitter gourd, tomatoes, grapes, lettuce,Lettuce and other herbs, vegetables, flowers, plants and plant tissue culture, and valid for aqueous solution training or soil cultivation.

Install instruction

Wire rope connect lamp diagram    use screw fix steel wire   Power Connections Picture   Plant irradiation


1, No waterproof function, dont put in the water, otherwise will result in electric leakage, damage to human body and light;

2, Ensure the product used in normal circumstances,light work environment is -20 degree to 40 degree, forty five percent to ninety five percent RH;

3, Avoid installed in the heat source, hot steam and corrosive gas, avoid affecting the Lifespan;

4, Before installation, ensure that the installation position can take 10 times the weight of the product

5, When it thunders, please cut off power supply;

6, Non company professional staff forbid dismounting or installing product, we wont be responsible for such safe accident.

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