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2PCS RGB 78 LED PAR Lights DMX DJ Party Club Strobe Disco Bar Stage Light Remote

2PCS RGB 78 LED PAR Lights DMX DJ Party Club Strobe Disco Bar Stage Light Remote

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2PCS RGB 78 LED PAR Lights DMX DJ Party Club Strobe Disco Bar Stage Light Remote

Color: black
Material: plastic shell
Working Environment: -20℃-40℃
Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Output:DC 12V
IP Grade: IP20
Power Supply: DC 12V
Light Source: LED
Light Effect: RGB mixed color change, static single color, LED jump change, strobe
Control Channel: 8 DMX channels
Control Mode: remote control, auto, DMX512, sound-activated and master-slave
Suitable Venues: birthday party, house decoration, wedding, church, bar, KTV, disco, dj show, or other entertainment venues to create a romantic atmosphere.

There are 4 buttons and 4 bit LED display on operation panel (the back of light) for selecting different working modes. Choose a working mode by pressing the button, and it will show on the LED display.

1. When power is on, the digital LED display works with red dots. When there are inputting DMX signals, dots will be flashing.
2. DMX address code setting: Press "MENU", when the digital LED displays d001~d512, and then press "UP" or "DOWN" to set address codes. The code ranges from 001 to 512.
3. IP code setting: Press "MENU", when the digital LED displays IP.01~IP.64, and then press "UP" or "DOWN" to set IP codes. The code ranges from 01 to 64.
4. Internal Program Running:
There are 5 modes internal program for choosing. Press "MENU" to select internal mode A1~A5: A1 is to static color mode, A2 to LED jump function, A3 to LED rainbow function, A4 to LED sound activated function, and A5 to LED strobe function.
A6 auto run A7 scrolling effect

Safety Tips:
1. This device is for indoor use only. The protection grade is IP20.
2. Keep at least 5 meters away from inflammable materials when installing this unit. The distance between this light and the projected objects must be no less than 1 meter.
3. Please never directly install the light on the surface of the flammable objects.
4. The installation, operation and maintenance must be managed by qualified professionals and make sure to follow the instructions of manual.
5. Make sure the maximum working temperature is 40℃, and the minimum is -20℃.
6. The temperature of light surface will reach up to 60℃ even under normal cooling, so please never touch it by hand.
7. The light was designed by electric shock protection type. It must be connected with earthed power supply system. Furthermore, the ground wire of the light must be connected to the ground wire of the power supply system, and ground wire interface of the light must be connected with the light body (or the light must be earthed)
8. Please check if the voltage is in accordance with the rated power before installing.
9. Please never use power cables with damaged insulation cover and never put power cables on other wires. Please pull out the power cable by handle the plug when light needs to be stopped or cleaned. Never pull out it roughly or handle the wire directly.
10. The light doesn’t include any spare parts for repair, please check if all the parts are well installed and screws are fastened tightly before using. It’s prohibited to use the light when the cover is opened.
11. Please make sure power off before installation, maintenance or cleaning.

Packing List:
2 x Par Light
2 x Remote Controller
2 x Mounting Bracket
4 x Screws
2 x Manual

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