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2000W LED Grow Light Panel Lamp IR UV Full spectrum Hydroponic Plant Veg Flower

2000W LED Grow Light Panel Lamp IR UV Full spectrum Hydroponic Plant Veg Flower

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2000W LED Grow Light Panel Lamp IR UV Full spectrum Hydroponic Plant Veg Flower
if you like keeping plants, this plants growing lamp may be what you need. This product is designed to provide extra light for indoor plants. Easy to install and use, suitable for all stages of plants' growth.
1. Made of high quality aluminum and acrylic material, this light is rather sturdy and durable.
2. With full spectrum lights, it can effectively promote plants' growth.
3. Premium COB LED light beads, low energy consumption and high luminous efficiency.
4. Waterproof, lightweight and small size, easy to install and use.
5. Suitable for plant shed or basement, greenhouse planting, flower planting, indoor garden, potted plant, vegetable growth, tissue culture, etc.
Input Voltage:AC85-265V/50Hz-60Hz
LED Chip:
SMD2835  0.5W  Red 620-630nm 53 pcs
SMD2835  0.5W  Blue 460-470nm 18pcs
SMD2835  0.5W UV 390-400nm  2Pcs
SMD2835  0.5W  IR  725-735nm 2Pcs
Brightness:Red:Blue 3:1-4:1
Body size:338*110*16nm/13.31*4.33*0.63 inch
Material:Aluminium alloy + PMMA Cover
Net weight: 650g/PCS

Usage Tips:
Recommended lighting time and height:
Seedling Stage: 16-18 hours on ,36-59 inch
Vegetative stage:12-16 hours on ,18-36 inch
Flowering stage: 10-12 hours on, 12-18 inch
The lighting time and height can be adjusted according to the site environment and specific plant plants.

Full spectrum wavelength (5-bands) is suitable for plant growth, good for all kinds of plants, such as orchid ,roses, peppers, tomatoes, basil , lettuce ,herbs and any other vegetables from seeding to harvest, Altogether increasing the yield by 20-50% which should contain 10-20% more total soluble sugar and vitamin C as well as 20-30% more crude protein.

Spectral action description:
Red LED 620-630nm, Suitable for encourage budding flower fruiting and seed production.
Blue LED 460-470NM:Suitable for vegetative growth , promotin the stem and leaf wight gain.
UV LED 390-400 nm :For sowing and sterilization.
IR LED 725-735nm: For plant flowering.
Indoor use only: Light is not warterproof , can not used in water or in wet places.
Extremely bright:Do not look directly at the LED light when it's works.

Package include:
1 x Grow light
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