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2-Pack UV Light Sanitizer 4000K 60 Watt E26 260nm UVC Germicidal Lamp Kills Mite Germs Bacteria Virus

2-Pack UV Light Sanitizer 4000K 60 Watt E26 260nm UVC Germicidal Lamp Kills Mite Germs Bacteria Virus

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2-Pack UV Light Sanitizer 4000K 60 Watt E26 260nm UVC Germicidal Lamp Kills Mite Germs Bacteria Virus
  • Runshine is not only bring you the lighting but also a Healthy Space Renovation Solutions. Runshine light bulb with smart UV system, just a simple flick of the switch to sanitize your home. If you are there, disinfection will be stopped and lighting turns on automatically.
  • With 15,000-hour lifespan, use up to 13 years. 8W brightness, 750lm, 60 watt eqv, 80+ high color rendering, 4000K daylight color temperature to suit your mood.
  • 9 Pcs UV-C LED beads, wavelength from 260nm to 285nm, 60nW UV energy, perfect to disinfect your mattress, sofa, carpet and more, kills 99.9% mites germs bacterias and virus. Large disinfection surface up to 43 ft²(per bulb). Advanced human body sensor to protect your help, when you are there the UV will be stopped automatically.
  • A19 shape and E26 base, upgrade your light bulb easily and make the disinfection easy, get a healthy life with less germ and bacteria.
  • Your healthy space solution to disinfect your kitchen, bathroom, hallway, living room, and anywhere the bacteria exist.

Ensure the Safety of Family by Just Change the Light

Auto Sanitizing, Disinfecting Rate

Runshine Lighting is blazing the trail in integrating UV-C disinfection into LED lighting. Intelligent, automatic disinfection, air-cleaning, and illumination 3-in-1. Boasting a disinfection rate up to 99.9%—with no excess radiation, no ozone produced, and no residual chemicals.

UV Specifications
  • Automatic disinfection, air-cleaning, and lighting 3-in-1
  • Disinfection rate, 96 ft large disinfection area
  • 9 built-in UV-C diodes, deep sanitizing every space
  • 20-min/2-hour disinfection mode
  • Military-grade radar and radar self-diagnosis
  • Disinfecting more than 10000 hrs (10 years)

Runshine strives to develop, innovate, and simplify the latest UVC technology with easy-to-use devices. Our staff is on the ground working with our manufacturer to ensure product quality meets our standards.


UV light sanitizer for large room

3-In-1 UV-C Disinfection Lamp

You're not only get a recessed light, but also an effective UV-C sanitizing system which kill germs, bacteria and virus.

  • Intelligent, automatic disinfection
  • Air-cleaning
  • Bright lighting

uv light sanitizer

Kills Bacteria and Virus

UVC LED produces UV lights at wavelength between 260-280nm can destroy DNA/RNA of virus and bacteria effectively, not only germs!

  • Perfect for kitchen/bathroom/basement
  • 360° sanitizing your home deeply

uv light sanitizer

Personal Sanitizing System for Home

Hospital and Boeing aircraft around the world use UV-C to disinfect the space and stuff surface, now you can take them home easily.

  • Recognized by 10,000 hospital around the world
  • New York City subways are being disinfected with UV-C

UV room sanitizer

Easy Disinfection

Easier disinfection healthier life, just toggle the switch to start the whole home disinfection.

  • 20-min Auto-Disinfection Mode

Flip the switch ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON within 3 seconds to turn on.

  • 2-hour Disinfection Mode

Flip the switch ON-OFF-ON within 3 seconds to turn on.

UV room sanitizer

Simplest Installation

Just change your light by yourself, get a healthier life for your families within few seconds.

  • E26 base
  • 10s installation
  • eaily change by your own

uv sanitizer light bulbs

Chemical Free, Better & Safer

No more ozone! Ozone is a harmful chemical that can cause severe coughs, headaches and damage the central nervous system!

  • Runshine recessed lights are Ozone Free
  • Safe to use immediately after disinfecting.
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