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Portable Multifunction UV Sterilizer Bag Bottle Sterillizer UV Disinfection Bag

Portable Multifunction UV Sterilizer Bag Bottle Sterillizer UV Disinfection Bag

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LED UV Box Sterilizer UV-C Bag Portable 99% Sanitizer Multipurpose Cleaner

Multifunctional disinfection bag, disinfection and storage in one, UVC deep ultraviolet light, quick disinfection in 5 minutes (or less than 5 min: It will detect the number of bacteria. stop automatically after the bacteria are killed), no residue, safe and environmentally friendly.
The ultraviolet lamp can generate ultraviolet rays in the wavelength range of 270-280nm, directly destroy the bacterial DNA / RNA, and completely kill the bacteria. Up to 99.5% sterilization rate, such as mold, mold, eggs and parasites.
LED UV can kill almost all bacteria and viruses. LED ultraviolet rays are sterilized by destroying the DNA / RNA of pathogens, and have been maturely used in the field of aerospace technology, disinfecting and protecting women's health in 5 minutes.
The compact design is easy to carry without hindering life, and can be used as a storage box and sterilization bag. When going out, underwear can be stored in this sterile bag to avoid contamination by fungi.
The life span of LED ultraviolet lamp beads is 10000 hours. The multifunctional disinfection package and mobile phone masks can be disinfected. The sterilization rate is as high as 99.5%. 360 ° comprehensive protection sterilization and disinfection. One-click setting disinfection, open the lid, ultraviolet disinfection LED lights automatically turn off, no Will hurt the user's eyes.
Using deep ultraviolet LED UVC band 270-280nm, quick disinfection with one key in 5 minutes

Product parameters:
Material: PU / Oxford
Size: 25 x 20 x 21 CM
Blub: 13 Blub
Style: Handbag
UItraviolet Wavelength: 270-280nm / 275-320nm
Color: gray, pink
Package weight: 800g

Package content:
1x LED UV disinfection box
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