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Light Sanitizer Bag LED Sterilizer Bag with 6 Bead Lights Effective Sanitizer Bag Light Sterilizer Bag for Baby Items, Remote & More (Pink)

Light Sanitizer Bag LED Sterilizer Bag with 6 Bead Lights Effective Sanitizer Bag Light Sterilizer Bag for Baby Items, Remote & More (Pink)

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Light Sanitizer Bag LED Sterilizer Bag with 6 Bead Lights Effective Sanitizer Bag Light Sterilizer Bag for Baby Items, Remote & More (Pink)

  •  STERILIZER BAG ON-THE-GO - The Sterilizer Bag uses a wavelength of 260-280 nanometers generated by its 6 LED bead lights to effectively sanitize and sterilize personal and household items. This nifty and stylish Light Travel Bag can be used at homes and offices and can also be carried along during trips. ***EPA Establishment #: 97150-CHN-1
  •  STERILIZE IN 3 MINUTES - Looking for ways to make cleaning time shorter yet more efficient? There are two types of methods which are used by most sterilizer machines in the market: short wavelength light and ozone. Most users prefer light over ozone. JJ Care Sanitizing Bag cleans in as short as 3 minutes! It uses light that only takes a few minutes for odorless sanitation with no required downtime, pungent smell and residue.
  •  EASY TO USE STERILIZER BAG - The light sterilizer bag features one-touch operation and automatic shut-off after each cleaning cycle. It dissipates heat around the chamber to dry and sanitize items in a 360° fashion. Blue light which is seen through the steel grid panel indicates ongoing sterilization which automatically turns off when opened to protect the eyes from radiation. This bag works on 8 watts of power via Micro USB port connected to a 5V/2A adapter.
  •  MULTIPURPOSE SANITIZING BAG - This sterilizer bag is a convenient appliance for health and household accessories. People with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea will find it easy to manage their condition with the UV light sanitizer box. For busy individuals, especially moms, the box can fit in baby bottles and toys, jewelry, beauty tools, underwear, kitchen sponge, toothbrush, gadgets like the tablet and many more!
  •  DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN - The 9"x6"x5.5" sterilizer bag features a spacious chamber that can fit most baby items and regular-sized items that need sterilizing. The portable disinfectant bag is easy to wipe clean thanks to its strong and waterproof polyester fabric make. Its inner electric panel can be detached for cleaning. Its LED bulb beads are unlike the ordinary fragile light lamps which are guaranteed to last to up to 9,000 hours!

Runshine is a company dedicated to providing high-quality products and superior service, with the comfort and convenience of customers in mind. The UV Sterilizer Bag is just one of these products created after months of meticulous research, design, and production. We made sure to only utilize the highest-quality materials evident in every unit of the UV Sterilizer Bag, carefully inspected, and quality-controlled before being sent out. With this diligent process, we can be sure of customer fulfillment after every use.


This UV LED sterilizer makes use of short wavelength UV energy generated from 6 UV bead lights to sterilize a variety of personal and household items. Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 260 to 280 nanometers can effectively clean and sterilize items that are frequently used and touched.


To protect from harmful radiation, the UV sterilizer bag automatically halts the cleaning cycle once the 3-minute cycle is over. This UV disinfection lightbox only weighs 380g which makes it easy to carry during travel. The bag is great for sterilizing baby bottles, devices like the tablet, kitchen sponge, and medical accessories.


Heat for drying and sanitizing is evenly distributed inside the roomy chamber of the UV bag for a 360° clean. Blue light which can be seen through the viewing window indicates proper functioning. Power up the bag just by connecting its USB cord to any power outlet (adapter not included).


Most of the dirtiest items you come in contact with on a daily basis cannot be washed with soap and water. Good thing there’s a JJ Care portable UV Sterilizer Bag that uses the power of UV light to clean and sterilize without the need for chemicals and that soap-and-water combo. Use it for baby stuff, personal items like underwear, kitchen items like the sponge, and more.

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