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LED Strong Light Charging Long-Range Zoom Outdoor Home Laser Light

LED Strong Light Charging Long-Range Zoom Outdoor Home Laser Light

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LED Strong Light Charging Long-Range Zoom Outdoor Home With Green Light Laser Light Infrared Laser Flashlight

[Lamp model]: T6 + red laser + green laser
[Lens material]: Optical convex lens
[Lens material]: Optical convex lens
[Work gear]: 4 gears (white light glare, white light flash, green laser light, red laser light)
[Product size]: 17.5x4.5x3cm

[Battery installation method]: This section uses the reverse battery design. Generally, the ordinary flashlights are installed with + positive side facing forward and -negative side facing backward. And because this model combines white light + green outer line + infrared three light source design, the circuit design is different from ordinary flashlights. You need to place the + positive side and the negative side forward

[Applicable battery]: 18650 or 3 7th
[Luminous brightness]: 1000 lumens (white light)
[Product material]: Aluminum alloy
[Working voltage]: 3.7V
[Product color]: black
[Can it be charged directly]: Yes (reverse charging, ordinary flashlight charger cannot be used)
[Whether focus]: Rotate focus
[Product Net Weight]: 245g;
[Product Accessories]: Flashlight + Charger + Gypsophila

1. T6 lamp beads, high brightness can reach 1000 lumens, and the service life is 100,000 hours;
2. Convex lens: Eagle-eye convex lens, good light transmission, not easy to damage, strong aluminum attack head to protect the lens from abrasion;
3. Rotary zoom: Rotate the head left and right to zoom, astigmatism-condensing mode, easy to use in different situations;
4. Middle switch: The middle metal switch is made of non-slip surface. Touch the switch to switch the lighting mode.
5.Battery contact: The spring-shaped battery contact design has good conductivity and effectively prevents poor contact.

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