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200 Led Plant full spectrum Light bulb Flower Grow Greenhouse Plant Hydroponic

200 Led Plant full spectrum Light bulb Flower Grow Greenhouse Plant Hydroponic

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200 Led Plant full spectrum Light bulb Flower Grow Greenhouse Plant Hydroponic


Brand new and high quality

All kinds of flower plants :  tomatoes, chilli , eggplant , Rose ect.

All kinds of greens : herbs and leafy vegetables, lettuce , bok choy ect.

Also suitable for Indoor garden or indoor potted landscape.

For: Flower,Plant,Vegetable Growing.

Using: Greenhouse,Growbox,Grow Tent.


Hydroponics Systems equipment.

Light Source:LED Bulbs.

LED Quantity: 200pcs led chips .

Model: Led Grow Light

Light Source:LED Bulbs.

Model: Led Grow Light full spectrum.

Input voltage: 85-265 (V)

Luminous flux: 1000 (LM)

Light efficiency: 100 (LM / W)

Protection grade: IP42

Control mode: intelligent

Temperature rise: 5000 (k)

Light color: red and blue

Wattage: about 13W.

Lifespan : 50000 hours.

Body Material: PC.


Light color and wavelength description:

Less than 400nm: Chlorophyll absorption less, affecting the photoperiod effect, to prevent stem elongation.

400-500nm: (Blue) High absorption by chlorophyll and carotenoids, big influence on photosynthesis.

Blue Light: For plant growth and absorption. Can enhance chloroplast activity, to prevent spindling plant, But on the other hand, it will inhibition of photosynthesis, so that the plant need much blue light.

500-600nm: Low absorption by pigments.

600-700nm: (Red) chlorophyll absorption rate is low, has a significant effect on photosynthesis and photoperiod effect.

Red Light: For plant flowering and fruiting,promote plant growth, germination, flowering, results. The most dominant role during adding color on the plants, accelerate photosynthesis.

More than 700nm: Low absorption rate, stimulate the cell to extend, affecting flowering and seed germination.

Package Includes:

1 x E27 200 LED Grow Light

The IR light is very weak, we almost can't see by our eyes , but it is very important for the growth of plants.
If you find the light bead is not bright, so please don't worry, it's still in work, it is not damaged.
please don't worry about this,thank you

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