Collection: Diving Flashlight

Once you have been on a number of dives and are really set on pursuing scuba diving as a hobby, it makes sense to have your own scuba gear. It can help give you more freedom to get out there and dive where and when you want, as frequently as you want.
This is also when it would be a great time to start investing in more diving accessories. Items and devices like scuba fins, dive computers, and dive regulators are all useful for enhancing your diving experience. In addition to experience, some scuba accessories are crucial safety and emergency tools.
You need a good quality underwater diving flashlight or scuba diving torch. To help you find the right one, below we feature the best lights currently available on the market. From everything to compact lights with long-lasting batteries to help you see in the distance with an emergency flash to the brightest underwater flashlights.
How do I Choose a Dive Light?
There are three main factors to consider when choosing a divers light: the type you need – primary, secondary (backup) or photography, the brightness, and the beam size and shape. You might also want to think whether you need an emergency strobe and SOS flash feature or not.
You may also want to handle the light to see how heavy it feels and experience ease of use. See how easy it is to switch on and off by the button. The beam angle and output is also important as this determines the way you use the light.
If you intend to go scuba diving at night or in low light, a bright light head with a wide-angle beam is best. If you need a torch for looking into crevices and such, a narrow-angle of beam light head will be more effective. Also, set your budget in advance and make sure you buy the best you can with the mode you require.